Gana e yabi di oro! Gana un Ford Figo nobo nobo cu Ling & Sons Food Market!


Ling & Sons Food market ta lanza su campaña di fin di anja na unda e supermercado lo ta rifando un auto nobo nobo. E auto ta un FORD FIGO 2020 nobo. E Ford Figo, obtenibel na agencia Yrausquin & Sons, ta un auto cu un look sumamente atractivo, espacioso y tin bon safety features. Ling & Sons tin total 11 Yabi di oro! Solamente 1 yabi ta habri e Ford Figo !

Pa participa pa gana un yabi di oro ta facil! Shop of Saca un selfie na Ling & Sons!

Shop & Win

Clientenan tin di simplemente shop na Ling & Sons y ta ricibi un raffle ticket cu cada compra di 50AWG of cumprando un di e productonan di e marcanan cu ta forma parti di e campaña aki: Heineken, Coors Light, Kim Crawford, Kendall-Jackson, Airwick, Badia, Grand Old Parr , Johnnie Walker, Frico, Frisian Flag, Rainforest Seafoods.

Shop of saka un selfie y gana un auto cu Ling and Sons IGA Super Center

Posted by 24ora on Friday, November 8, 2019

Por ehempel, si bo a cumpra 50 awg y 1 caha di heineken bo ta haya total 2 ticket. Si bo a cumpra 50 florin, 2 caha di Heineken y 1 Frico sliced cheese, bo ta ricibi = 4 ticket total

Vip customers ta ricibi dobbel tickets cu cada compra di 50 awg . Mas compras bo haci na Ling & Sons, mas grandi bo chens ta di gana.

Take a selfie & Win

Clientenan por participa tambe pa gana e auto sacando un selfie cu e Ford Figo nobo den Ling & Sons, share esaki riba nan facebook of instagram page y menciona #Lingandsons #Yrausquin #Fordfigo

Bishita pa lesa e reglanan di e campaña aki. Ling & Sons lo saca 10 ganador via e raffle dia 4 di Januari 2020 12pm y 1 ganador lo wordo escogi via social media cu un campaña di Snap a selfie, Share & Win hunto cu Yrausquin & Sons. E ganadornan di e raffle lo ricibi cada un 1 yabi di oro di cual solamente 1 yabi ta e yabi ganador cu lo habri e auto nobo! Ken lo ta e ganador di e yabi di oro? Find out dia 11 di Januari 2020. Ling & Sons Food Market ta desea tur participante suerte!

Sorteo ta tuma lugar 4 di Januari 2020. Kinan lo anuncia 11 ganadornan cu lo wordo invita dia 11 di Januari 2020 pa bin purba nan suerte y find out ken lo gana e auto! Otro ganadornan lo ricibi premionan di consuelo manera weekend-stays, tours, dinners for 2, cash prize.

Campaign rules

  1. This campaign is only valid for residents of Aruba.
    E campaña aki ta solamente valido pa residentenan di Aruba.
  2. You must be 18yrs or older and have a valid driving license.
    Bo mester ta mayor di 18 anja y tin un rijbewijs valido.
  3. The name on the raffle ticket needs to match your I.D. and is the one participating to open the car.
    E nomber riba e raffle ticket mester klop cu bo I.D. y e lo ta e esun cu lo participa pa gana e auto.
  4. If you do not comply with term 1 or 2 than you automatically will be disqualified.
    Si bo no ta cumpli cu e requisitonan menciona na punto 1 y 2 bo ta automaticamente desqualifica.
  5. If you are not able to show up on set date and time to open the car, you will automatically be disqualified.
    Si bo no por ta presente riba e dia y fecha menshona pa bin habri e auto bo ta automaticamente disqualifica.
  6. Customers receive 1 raffle ticket with every purchase of 50 florin
    Clientenan ta ricibi un raffle ticket berde cu cada compra di 50 florin.
  7. Customers receive 1 raffle ticket with every purchase of the participating brands.
    Cliente ta ricibi 1 ticket extra cu cada compra di producto di e marcanan participante:
    Heineken, Coors light, Kim Crawford, Kendall-Jackson, Airwick, Badia, Grand Old Parr, Johnnie Walker, Frico, Frisian Flag, Rainforest Seafoods
  8. Vip customers receive double tickets with every purchase.
    Clientenan cu ta VIP member ta ricibi dobbel tickets cu nan compras.
  9. If a customer purchase is 50 florin and also includes one of the participating brands, the customer receives raffle tickets for both their 50 florin purchase and for the purchase of the participating brands.
    Si un cliente su compras ta 50 florin y e ta inclui e producto/marcanan participante, e ora e cliente ta ricibi ticket pa su 50 florin di compras y ticket pa e compras di un di e producto/marcanan participante.
  10. Campaign ends on January 4th at 12:00pm. Ling & Sons will announce and call the 11 raffle winners on January 4th 2020.
    E Campaña aki ta termina dia 4 di Januari 2020 12:00pm. Ling & Sons lo jama e 11 ganadornan dia 4 di Januari.
  11. 11 raffle winners will be chosen and invited to participate to win the car. Winners will be invited to pick an envelope which will reveal their prize. Finalists will advance to the final round to pick the winning key. Only 1 key will access the car and thus be the winner of the car.
    11 ganador lo wordo invita pa participa pa gana e auto. Ganadornan lo wordo invita pa elegi un envelop cu lo revela nan premio. Finalistanan lo avanza pa e ronde final na unda nan lo kies un yabi. E persona cu tin e yabi cu habri e auto ta e ganador di e auto.
  12. The date for the key competition is January 11th 2020.
    E fecha pa e competencia pa habri e auto ta 11 di Januari 2020.
  13. Ling & Sons holds the right to change the regulations or to end the campaign at any moment.
    Ling & Sons ta mantene e derecho di cambia e regla y regulacion nan di e campaña di fin di anja na cualkier momento.
  14. Raffle winners who do not win the car will receive a consolation prize from Ling & Sons.
    Ganadornan cu no gana e auto lo recibi premio di consuelo.
  15. The car winner will be handed the keys and proof of ownership. Once this is handed Ling & Sons is no longer responsible for the car.
    E ganador absoluto di e auto lo ricibi e yabi di e auto como prueba cu e la gana e auto. Una vez e yabi wordo entrega Ling & Sons no ta para responsabel mas pa e auto.
  16. The new owner must handle anything related to the car with the car dealership.
    E ganador mester handle verder loke ta relaciona na e auto cu e car dealership Yrausquin & Sons.

Spin the Wheel

Ademas di e auto clientenan por participa pa Spin the wheel den luna di December cu cada compra di 200 florin of mas CASH. (no ta valido pa compras of pago riba cuenta/housecharge).
Clientenan por gana premionan instantaneo (manera free meals, boter di binja, giftbon etc) cu e spin the wheel. E Spin the Wheel lo ta localiza na customer service.

VIP promo

“Sign up, check bo informacion y participa pa gana un garoshi yen balora na 500 florin!”

Ling & Sons tin mas sorpresa ainda cu su VIP program. Tur cliente cu sign up pa un VIP card of pasa controla su informacion y haci uso di esaki ora di haci nan compras den luna di December ta participa pa gana un garoshi yen di compras gratis balor na 500 florin! Ganador lo wordo anuncia dia 24 di December 2019.