Monday, 15 September 2014
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Thursday, 14 February 2013 10:37
The tears, the years, the hurt, the fears... The lies, the ties, the days and Goodbyes... When the light shines through, it's YOU!!! All the joys and laughters I shine with is cause of YOU!!! YOU hold the nature of pure and true cause when I need strenght, I picture YOU!!!

Of all the good and bad times we've been through... YOU are my sunshine, my sanity, my inspiration, my pride and joy... They say that a child and a mother are bonded from birth... But I M the first one YOU loved when YOU saw this earth... Your heart breeds LOVE and your spirit seeps strenght... Because I will LOVE YOU past eternities lenght... After all I've said, I still think YOU can't understand... That I will B always there to hold your hand!!! To my special Valentine's Gilaine & Gilmer Koolman From your ONLY love that will last forever MOM YEYA!!!

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